Dead Island: Riptide statue draws ire (and apologies)

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First off, I most certainly do not like the idea of distributing a body torso prop like the one shown herein. It’s a rather distasteful thing for me to even look at for days on end. And evidently I’m not the only one. Deep Silver has been catching serious fire over the contents of its Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Collector’s Edition that was intended to hit Europe and Australia. Or more specifically, it’s the disembodied human torso.

Oh sure, the concept looks good on paper. Deep Silver even says that the torso in question is in fact inspired by the game itself. But there are some lines that you just don’t cross in morality and ethics – and this, unfortunately, is one of them.  I’m sorry, but you just do not decide to include a half-naked bust of a woman’s upper body in a collector’s package and expect to get away with it. Especially one that’s been horribly mutilated, is blood-stained to (literal) death – oh yeah, and has one big hell of a bikini covering the only major untouched portions.

While it is as yet unclear if (and when) Deep Silver will be considering an alternate selection for the so-called “Zombie Bait” edition in question, the parties involved have thankfully ascribed to hard lessons with the following Twitter statement:

“We sincerely regret this choice [to include the torso]. We are collecting feedback continuously from the Dead Island community, as well as the international gaming community at large, for ongoing internal meetings with Deep Silver’s entire international team today. For now, we want to reiterate to the community, fans and industry how deeply sorry we are, and that we are committed to making sure this will never happen again.”

Hopefully they reference this incident for the various instances of what not to do, because a bloody torso prop is quite honestly the very last thing we need in our collective imaginations. Which is even more so when the object in question just happens to be (or at least would be as such) for an entirely different part of the world than ours. At least every other part of the package (the concept art, DLC, steelbook case – and even the game itself, of course) should emerge from this without even a single noticeable scratch for wear, regardless of the outcome thereof. But then again, it’s only being marketed to Aussies and Europeans so at least we’re not affected by this mess here in the ‘States. I’d just wish that Deep Silver had never even instigated this catastrophic situation to begin with.

Source [@DeepSilver] Via [Joystiq]

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  • Jake

    Gimme a break. All the people that will be playing this don’t give a shit. With all the movies and television shows (Walking Dead). This is nothing. Since when do over sensitive morons decide what the mass wants. Just because a bunch of people are complaining about this does not mean that it is wrong. You don’t like it don’t buy it. Don’t troll and start complaining. I would love to get this unfortunately it won’t be sold here and if it was I probably couldn’t afford it. It would sit right next to my Walking Dead zombie head that has a screwdriver sticking out of it’s eye. The only reason devs even made a comment is so they can say they did. They don’t give a shit. This game will sell and they know it.
    Go play something that doesn’t hurt your feelers.