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Bundles of indie games are very popular these days thanks to the efforts of the Humble Bundle. We’ve seen many similar bundles pop up every now and then, but rarely are they offered for free. Enter The Free Bundle, a new kind of indie bundle that doesn’t charge anything to enjoy at least six games from independent developers.

The Free Bundle was made possible by developers who don’t mind sharing their work with the world free of charge. The website from which these games are bundled was made possible by CabreraBrothers. Even though these games can be found for free elsewhere, The Free Bundle makes it easier to discover these games at one time.

The games included in The Free Bundle includes Nitronic Rush, Ascension, Celestial Mechanica, Imscared, Abobo’s Big Adventure and Treasure Adventure Game. By the time this bundle comes to an end, there’s a chance even more games will be added.

The majority of games in The Free Bundle are meant for the Windows platform, but some are Mac and Linux compatible. Basically, no game is off limits as long as it’s free and downloadable. Browser-based games need not apply.

So far, The Free Bundle has received 137,220 downloads.

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