Shaquille O’Neal fights sentient zombies in ShaqDown

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Shaq Down

I was checking out the top games in Google Play yesterday evening when I came across a new game from One Spear Entertainment called ShaqDown. At first, I thought this was another one of those low-quality, spammy games that use something in popular culture to get lots of downloads. Upon further inspection, I learned this game is the real deal. This game actually has one of the NBA’s most memorable players fighting against a horde of sentient zombies.

Here’s the story. One day, a zombie virus devastated the world. The remaining humans expected the zombies to die off over time, but a mutation caused the zombies to become sentient. These new mutant zombies enslaved the human race, and Shaq is the only person that can save the world. Intrigued yet?

ShaqDown plays like an endless runner, but it’s not endless. Shaq continuously runs from left to right shoulder blocking any mutant zombie that crosses his path. Occasionally, stronger mutant zombies will appear that can’t be dispatched with Shaq’s mighty shoulder. In these cases, you have to tap the screen to make Shaq throw a basketball at the mutant zombies to break their defenses.

As Shaq mows down zombies, he’ll build up enough power to launch a special attack in the form of a super powerful charge, or a giant energy beam. At the end of each level, Shaq faces a boss. There are three bosses in all.

There’s also an upgrade system that requires in-game currency called Shaqra. Shaqra unlocks different outfits for Shaq that increases difficulty, speed and more. Shaqra can be purchased in the game, but I’ve found Shaqra to be plentiful without spending money.

ShaqDown costs $0.99 and is worth it for the novelty alone. However, there is still a decent game underneath it all. It may not last too long, but the art is nice and it’s pretty fun overall.

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