Will Temple Run 2 be as popular as the original?

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Temple Run 2 has been released for iOS devices in New Zealand. Usually when games pop up in the New Zealand App Store, it means the U.S. version will be released by midnight Eastern time. Temple Run 2 has a lot to live up to considering its predecessor received more than 170 million downloads since August 2011. Truth be told, the endless runner genre has improved since Temple Run made a name for itself. Temple Run 2 will need to capitalize on those improvements to gain critical acclaim.

Looking back on the original Temple Run, it does look a bit dated. The graphics were fine for the time, but they were surpassed by other runners such as Agent Dash and Pitfall. These games also brought varied environments and gameplay mechanics that went beyond jumping and sliding. According to the Temple Run 2 product page, the new game does include better graphics, character specific powers and at least one section involving a minecart. Pitfall does that, so perhaps Temple Run 2 drew inspiration from that.

It’s possible that lightning can strike twice for the Temple Run series, though it’s a high mountain to climb.

Download Link [iTunes] (New Zealand) Read [Touch Arcade]

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