Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland is episodic

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It’s always interesting when the developer decides to take an episodic approach to a video game, especially if a sequel is released in chunks when the original wasn’t. That’s what’s happening with Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland. Where Afterfall: InSanity was one cohesive game, players will experience Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland in chunks.

In Nicolas Games’ defense, the description of Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland seems to lend itself to the episodic structure. The game takes place 63 years after the apocalyse of World War III. A modern myth has sprung up about the Pearl of the Wasteland. It’s supposed to be something glorious and redeeming, but no one knows exactly what it is. If you ask three different people, you’ll get three different responses.

That’s exactly what happens in Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland. Each episode follows a different person on his or her journey to survive, and to perhaps find that Pearl. They are Hope Iriv, Rottgar Iriv and Reaper. Details about each aren’t available, but the Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland Facebook page does offer character art for both Reaper and Hope. Reaper has some kind of cannon-weapon attached to his left arm and looks like a soldier. Hope is a woman in a hoodie with a gun.

A theme that keeps coming up in the Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland promotional materials and on the Facebook page is remaining human despite the danger. I’m guessing that means it will be similar to the original Afterfall: InSanity, only here the main characters will struggle to remain merciful and not turn into ruthless animals when faced with other people despite the current situation.

The first Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland episode release date is yet to be announced. I’d advise keeping tabs on the Facebook page, which is acting as the official website for the game at the moment, if you want updates.

Site [Afterfall: Pearl of the Wasteland on Facebook]

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