Disney Infinity is ready to take all our money

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disney infinityActivision breathed new life into the video game and toy markets with Skylanders. It combined collectible action figures with a video game using the “Portal of Power.” Helping get those cute little monsters into people’s homes was a story featuring PlayStation era game hero Spyro the Dragon. A secondary market quickly erupted, with hard to find figures going for more than $100 on eBay.

You don’t get to make $500 million in US sales without somebody stepping up to emulate your business model. If Activision can sell that many figures with Spyro the Dragon as the only known character, imagine what Disney could do. Rumors about Disney’s Skylanders like project began leaking out last year, and now the company has confirmed them and outed Disney Infinity. This is a game combining action figures, a console component and drawing on Disney’s decades of history is coming our way in June.

Here’s the first Disney Infinity trailer.

Disney Infinity will launch with a $74.99 starter pack that includes the game, three figures and their play sets.  Individual play sets will be $34.99. The three launch figures are Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow and Sully. The play sets have enemies and challenges specific to that character’s world. A toy box mode similar to the one in the Toy Story 3 game allows them to join forces and explore each other’s worlds. This is likely the first place we’ll see the crossovers some feared: Luke Skywalker in battle alongside Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse. Those hardcore fans can stick with the play sets, while those less concerned about storylines and continuity can play in the toy box.

It will be available on the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Disney says there will be a mobile experience coming as well. Holiday season 2013, we’ll be in for a major showdown. Can Activision’s Skylanders fight off the new action figures in the aisle?

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  • addmartin

    I think Activision doesnt have anything to worry about. Skylanders has such a fun story and characters, creativity , and imagination. My children are actually bored with Disney characters copying other games. My children actually compare the games now “oh-that’s the Disney game like “Legos” or that’s the Disney game like “Skylanders”. They also wanted to know why Frozone isnt one of the characters chosen for the Infinity game. And we are Disney fans- we have a whole shelf just for books about Disney animation and we own every Pixar movie (and almost every Disney) animation creation ever put out on VHS/DVD/ blu-ray.