Skylanders sidekicks now at GameStop

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skylanders giants sidekicks
Did you miss the Skylanders sidekicks back when you could get them from buying specially marked Frito-Lay snack packs back in the middle of 2012? Well, you have your chance to grab them again at GameStop. GameStop is now running a Skylanders Giants promotion where you get a Skylanders Giants sidekick when you spend $29.99 or more on Skylanders stuff.

Here’s what happens. If you spend $29.99 or more on new Skylanders Giants figures and packs, you get a Skylanders Giants sidekick. You can get up to four at once, provided you’re willing to spend $29.99 at a time. Which could lead to spending $119.96 for a full set of four. In case you’re wondering, it would have been much cheaper to just grab four Frito-Lay snack packs at the time, but that promotion is long gone so this is your only means of grabbing those four original sidekicks now.

Also, even though this GameStop promotion is calling these Skylanders Giants sidekicks, they aren’t the new sidekicks yet. The four you can choose from are Gill Runt (Gill Grunt), Terrabite (Terrafin), Trigger Snappy (Trigger Happy) and Whisper Elf (Stealth Elf). These four work with both Skylanders and Skylanders Giants. The new round of Skylanders Giants sidekicks aren’t available yet. When they are, they’ll be new baby versions of four of the new Giants figures. We’ll have to wait for a while still to get Barkley (Tree-Rex), Eye-Small (Eye-Brawl), Mini Jini (Ninjini) and Thumpling (Thumpback).

The Skylanders and Skylanders Giants sidekicks are something for pure collectors. When placed on a Portal of Power, they’ll be cute little mascots that run, jump and dance around the active player one figure. They don’t deal any damage. They’re just about looking adorable and being collectable. They’re also limited again, as GameStop is only running this promotion until January 31, 2013.

There’s one final bit of GameStop and Skylanders Giants news that doesn’t involve the Skylanders and Skylander Giants sidekicks. GameStop has announced that it has Hot Dog, the cutest Skylanders Giants figure ever. There’s a new battle pack out until February 9, 2013 that contains Hot Dog, Zap and the Catapult. This $24.99 Scorpion Striker Battle Pack is only available at GameStop until February 9, 2013. So if you’re wondering what to buy to hit that $29.99 plateau to get a free Skylanders Giants sidekick.

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