Sony debuts a 500GB white PS3 for $299

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Sony has plans to start selling a limited edition white PS3 on January 27 for $299.99. This new model will have a 500GB hard drive and will include a full year of PlayStation Plus. Assuming you have an internet connection, this bundle will afford you with a lot of free games for both the PS3 and Vita thanks to PlayStation Plus. Granted the games won’t work after your subscription expires, but it’s well worth the $50 a year.

PlayStation Plus also gets members into betas (God of War: Ascension being the latest), free themes, wallpapers and discounts that non-members can’t have. You’ll also get 1GB of cloud storage for your PS3 and Vita saved games.

Time will tell how well this promotion does. Rumors are circulating regarding what Sony will announce either during or before its E3 2013 press conference. The general assumption is a PS4 announcement, but it could very well be something completely different.

I still feel that $299 is a slightly intimidating price point six years into the PS3’s life cycle. Even though the value is definitely there when PS Plus is included, less knowledgeable customers may not realize that. I think they will be more comfortable spending not too much more than $200 for the console with a free physical game included.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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