iPad gaming update for Janurary 21, 2013

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Square-Enix teased an image earlier this week which many sites picked up on as the possible return of Final Fantasy VI. Technically, they were not wrong as characters and enemies will be appearing in the company’s latest mobile release which you can find below in this week’s iPad gaming update.

Riven for iPad has turned a corner and arrived for $5.99. Completely remastered from sound to graphics, Riven brings the sequel to Myst to the palms of your hands. Explore the jungle village, Catherine’s Prison, and the Wahrk Throne all over again in an adventure that continues right where your last adventure left off.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest is yet another Final Fantasy themed mobile RPG this time in the form of a massive nostalgia bomb. Collect various heroes and “job classes” from the classic games to fight enemies from throughout the series’ long legacy. For those that wish for more, they can purcahse premium characters and more worlds to explore in this on the go $3.99 RPG.

Temple Run 2 brings the fan favorite runner back for the modest price of FREE. Unlock achievements as you run as far and as fast as you can. Use zip lines to help you dodge obstacles and the giant monkey.

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