iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for January 21, 2013

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Turns out the demand for the iPhone 5 is dwindling to the point where Apple decided to cut back on orders for the devices. Could it be the iPhone craze is not looking so up anymore? This week’s gaming update features some games that have stood the test of time with some pinball and the ever classic game from the Apple II to the iDevice.

Lode Runner Classic brings the official classic game and all it’s 150 level glory to your iOS device for $2.99. Run from the pursuing enemies and escape by using your wits and no jumping. Run through time attack mode to show off your running abilities on the worldwide leaderboards or post your scores to Facebook to become the envy of all your friends.

Momonga Pinball Adventures is a pinball game with a bit of twist. Momo has to defeat the evil General Kuton to free the other momongas. Packed with Game Center achievements and leaderboards, play across 9 levels and over 45 challenges in your quest to help Momo and play a beautiful game of pinball for $0.99.

Supermassive is a physics based puzzle game that challanges you to move the character to the black hole using only physics and nothing else. Test your abilities at three-different star times over 50 levels in this unique $0.99 game.

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