Tetris-themed Bop It! and Jenga games are coming this year

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Hasbro has once again taken a gaming franchise and incorporated it into its popular toy lines. This time, Hasbro and The Tetris Company have reached an agreement to produce physical games with the Tetris license. 

The first two games, Bop It! Tetris and Jenga Tetris, will be released in August of this year. Bop It! is a reflex and memorization game that requires the player to perform specific actions (bop, twist and pull) on a handheld device as quickly as possible. The longer the game goes, the faster the commands roll out. Jenga Tetris will play out just like the classic Jenga game, but Tetris shapes will take the place of the normal rectangular Jenga shapes.

These are only the first two games in the collaboration between The Tetris Company and Hasbro. According to the press release “multiple face-to-face games” will be sold around the world as the result of this deal.

In the third quarter of 2012, Hasbro reported net revenues of $1.35 billion. $774.5 million in net revenues were earned in the United States and Canada.

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