PlayStation Network maintenance extends to January 18, 2013 (update 2)

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PlayStation Network maintenance
There’s nothing I hate more than a round of PlayStation Network maintenance. I know, it’s a necessary evil. Still, there’s always that worry that it will take longer than usual and/or that it will result in yet another firmware update. In the case of the January 17, 2013, we’re experiencing an extended outage. Sony claimed it would have the PlayStation Network maintenance done by around 8pm PST on January 17, 2013, it is now January 18, 2013 and there’s no end to the maintenance in sight.

The extended PlayStation Network maintenance period was announced via the official PlayStation Twitter account. A note went up last night saying that the network would be down until the morning of January 18. I’d say we’re well past the morning of January 18 and getting into the afternoon, so there goes that hope.

Sony’s PlayStation Twitter also says that updates will be announced. However, the feed has been silent since that January 17 tweet about the PlayStation Network maintenance. I get the feeling we won’t hear any other announcement there until the service is actually online again.

Which means your best source for PlayStation Network status is probably the Is PSN Down? website. It isn’t an official Sony website, but I’ve always found it to be quite accurate. It’s better than constantly checking your PS3 or Vita to see if the PlayStation Network maintenance is done yet.

In the meantime, go play some single player, offline games or read a book. I’m sure the PlayStation Network maintenance will be over by tonight.

Update: Well, way to prove me wrong and right Sony. The PlayStation Twitter just updated with a status report, proving me wrong because I bet we wouldn’t hear anything until it was already back up. However, the update said the PlayStation Network maintenance will end tonight, proving me right. So, let’s call it a wash.

Update 2: The PlayStation Network maintenance will end January 19, 2013. Some people may still have trouble logging in, but it has ended.

Source [PlayStation on Twitter] Site [Is PSN Down?]

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  • Joe

    i dont get it! on my account i can sign in but on the other i cant! whats up with that??

    • Jenni Lada

      Sometimes region is a factor, as people in one area may have the service reactivated. Is one account for say, NA and the other for EU or Japan?

      • Angel-til-death

        I have same problem I can sign in playstation network but my husband can’t on same playstation

    • Angel til death

      The last user to use the playstation network will be able to sign in but not be able to use facilities

  • sarah

    ours is still down too…east coast..2:30 pm…uuuugggjhh!

  • Tron

    Yes well I agree, this should have been announced they are doing routine maintenance then the downtime should be scheduled and routine right? I too can sign on to one account and not the other. PSN never has their estimates accurate, we are already 6-8 hours past the finish time. Is someone on their end milking it? Or are they that damn bad with schedules? …………….?

    • micky

      mine will sign in but when i go to play medal of honor warfighter on multiplayer it wont sign me in but if i play cod multiplayer it will let me play im east coast

  • Tralsr27

    What’s next, network being down, ny giants not in playoffs, what’s next Jesus is a girl? Come on people!

  • g spot

    Almost 3pm eastern and still can’t splatter someone’s ass all over COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A F N DAY!!!!!!!

  • Angel til death

    We been told 10pm gmt 9pm pdt

  • Dis Satisfied

    The network is down so long because they want people to purchase this new ps3 half size console. I may just end up purchasing an X-box instead. Well done Sony, attack those who lines your pockets by purchasing one of your machines and then we have to suffer because you monopolise the network

    • Jenni Lada

      There is no new half-size PS3. The most recent PS3 console announcement was the white 500GB PS3 with PlayStation Plus bundle.

      And network downtime happens all the time. It being offline for over 24 hours isn’t the end of the world. Inconvenient, true. But hardly a sign of a conspiracy.

  • grimlock1972

    serious Sony get your crap together, you planned this maintenance so no excuses for not testing it prior to the date of of it to make sure all would go smoothly.

  • kevin mcgranaghan

    well my brother has a playstaion and we can play his bu i just got a new playstation and i cant even sign up but we still play on his so how can the PSN be under maintenance if he can sign in and play online this is bull shit im about to go to xbox

    • joe

      Their is a smaller playstation they just briught out its nade cheaper and sold for the same price so they can keep making mpney in a tear down test it showed how cheaply it was made and they gave ot an old manual opening door like the original playstation

      • Jenni Lada

        OH! You’re talking about the PS3 Slim. I couldn’t tell what you meant by the description you have, as though there were a new one on the market.

        I have the original backwards compatible, 80GB PS3 and fellow GamerTell writer Jessi has the new 250GB slim PS3. While the 80GB is more substantial, heavier and has that neat function where you just hold a finger over a button to turn it on or off, the new model doesn’t have a manual opening door like the PS1. It just has button you press to eject the game through the slot instead of the touch sensor. I’d say considering the larger hard drive, it’s worth the trade off.

    • joe

      Because if u would just look at the website that tells u about the mainyenance date it will tell you that if u had signed in in the past few days u will still be able to get online u just cannt use the psn store i like how people get on here and start complaining when they arw cometly ognorant to anything going on about what there complaining for i was signed i. Everyday before the maintenance and still cannot get on and would just love it if they coulda let us download nuketow zombies before theu staryed the mainyenance because i like playong offline with my family more then online and we only get online when my son gets on with my wife and plays or when i go into the store to check things out every now and then but i purpusly got on the last few days just so my son would be able to get online but nope i get screwed and cant anyways but then u got all these little girls on here complaining they gotya use their brothers account to play well atleast u can i know u probably wanna set all ur stiff up but tuff ur getting it for free unlike x box and yes ive thought about switching to would rather have the more reliable network but ill stay with playstation considering theres no reason to go buy and x box now when i have all these games for playstation and four controllers wouldbt be worth it but i geuss for aom wof these wierdos on the networks who live in mommy or daddys basement getting to save up all there money for whatever cause they hav eno lives other then playong game sand wotkong a part time job at mcdonalds you know that big goffy lokking bastard that makes u worry about letting them make ur food and u realize u probably made a big mistake actually excepting the food to eat

      • blah

        joe grow up and learn to type. its sad that your a parent with horrible verbal skills such as yours

  • Doyle

    Really Joe

  • jon

    why doesn’t sony just have a backup network with only the bare bones needs and switch to that in emergencies? it’s not rocket science, this whole free network crap shouldn’t be a crutch for irregularities, x-box charges and they still kick PSN’s ass in usage!

  • Phil

    Latest update from Sony now:

    PlayStation Europe ‏@PlayStationEU

    Unfortunately PSN maintenance is still underway and service is now not expected to resume before tomorrow morning. We’ll update again soon.

    So it was meant to be done by about 10pm GMT, now it looks like tomorrow morning. Second time they’ve mucked up the schedule, it was originally meant to be done for 4am this morning (4am 18th Jan).

    Pathetic, why don’t they just say it’ll be down for 3 days instead of this farcing around with their customers, letting them down again and again.

    • grimlock1972

      Lovely just lovely . Sony test the damn stuff for maintenance and hire more and better people to get it done on time.

  • Jack

    It’s know 10:30pm GMT and I still can’t sign on to PSN, anyone got any idea when it’s coming back on ?

  • Blizzair

    Everyone needs to quit getting their panties in a wad! This service is free and we should be thankful to Sony for this. I’m sure they are working hard and as quick as possible to get this issue resolved!

    • Jenni Lada

      Well said.

    • grimlock1972

      while your correct, we should have a right to expect Sony would plan out these scheduled maintenance periods more carefully as to avoid going so far over the initially scheduled down time. Either they need to improve and increase staff so they can get it done on time or or be more realistic on the downtime required.

  • jinx1330

    WTH i can sign in on my uncle but i cant sign in on my mine is that it gets me so fricken pissed -_-

  • Mojo

    The ps network may be free but at the price for the console, games and accessories its not like they just give it away plus anyone who has a job should know the capabilities and limitations to their timelines. So if they cant so the job right just say so and say we are trying to figure out try back in a week.

  • Fil g

    Not a massive issue, but hey Sony, I’m a software and network test analyst if your looking for help…

  • jesus

    Its free all you cry babies and if you dont like it sell it now go read a book hahaha

  • meatwall

    wont be back on until 1/19 4oclock CST

  • meatwall

    thats the new estimated time frame so it says

  • Brady

    It is 10:07 Eastern Time in the U.S. and servers are still down. What a shocker PSN you suprise me every day -_________________________________-

  • harley

    Seriously this is ridiculous, they need to be straight out abt this.. I read one tweet that they think its hacker related again.. any info on that???

    • Jenni Lada

      I doubt it, since it happened during scheduled maintenance.

  • joey

    Even though is $50 a year, xbox is starting to look a little more appealing considering I pay for internet just for my ps3. 15 year sony gaming fan but all this is adding up.

  • joey

    Besides… do people even buy a game for the campaign or any off-line play anymore?? Exactly!

    • joe

      Yes i buy for offline play and only wanted the site to stay up on the seventeenth long enought for me to downlpad nuketown zombies to play offline with my family but no they under go maintenance the day of the maps release just would have been nice since we already had to wait for an extended time for thw map they could have gave people a chance to doload it for offline play

  • Yves

    They keep switching it up, im trying to see if 2k13 took my boy shumpert off the disabled list so I can dominate even more with the knicks. And this still going on

  • j wade

    not true about signing in b4 network maintenance. i was signed in all day jan 17th on madden til bout 4 pm and i went to switch over to COD and i was kicked and haven’t been able to sign on since. its 11:35 pm Jan 18th now.

  • Paula

    Uugghhhhhhhh it’s going on two days of me not being able to play on home wtf!?!?!?

  • Conspiracy Shows

    I did not buy ps3 for the multiplayer but the amazing “Single Player” exclusive they make which seem like hours of fun. If you want to buy a Xbox just for Cod and its 3+ exclusive go ahead. I’m sticking with my 100+ PS3 exclusive so stop whining and find something to do.

  • kill_phil_88

    Is it back up and running yet?? I gave up checking on it

  • WTF

    6/25-2013 2:23am Southwest Florida; Playstation Store undergoing maintenance. Why is this going on? I was able to access the store yesterday. Please message me; i6ftUNDERGROUND

  • WTF

    Sorry, my PS3 has the wrong time, it’s actually 3:20pm