Kaepernick makes 49’ers even more dangerous in Madden NFL 13

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I’ve previously written about how overpowered the San Francisco 49’ers are in Madden NFL 13.  They possess an incredible defense, strong running game and possibly the game’s best tight end in Vernon Davis. There was a significant weakness in quarterback Alex Smith. Oh, the profanity I’ve heard in Connected Careers matchups as Smith overthrows wide open receivers. One time I complimented my opponent on an excellent pass to the sidelines for a first down.

“No, it was actually a horrible pass,” he explained. How so?

“I was aiming for the guy in the middle of the field, the pass was so bad it ended up over there.”

The real life 49’ers agreed they were missing something at QB, and benched Smith in favor of Colin Kaepernick. It was a move many Madden NFL players had made weeks before. Numerous NFL commentators blasted 49’ers Coach Jim Harbaugh for benching a signal caller that took the team to an NFC Championship Game in 2011. Sometimes, the enemy of greatness is goodness. After Kaepernick torched the Green Bay Packers for 263 yards and two touchdowns passing, and another 181 yards and two scores on the ground, even the skeptics are convinced. The 181 yards is an NFL rushing record for a QB.

In Madden,  he boasts 86 speed,  88 agility and 88 acceleration.  His overall rating is an 87 after the most recent ratings update. Unlike many athletic QBs, he has excellent throwing power. In this post, I talk about the Read Option with Washington Redskins star Robert Griffin III. It’s an excellent play with Kaepernick as well.

EA’s official Madden NFL 13 site has posted a video on ways to use the 49’ers new superstar.

Before the arrival of Kaepernick as an NFL superstar, the 49’ers were the best team in Madden. With the dimension he adds to their offense, they’re among the best teams in Madden history.

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