The PlayStation Network is back online

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After a bout of extended maintenance that lasted a couple days, the PlayStation Network is back online. You’ll be able to play multiplayer games, use apps and everything else associated with having a PlayStation Network account. Of course, if you sign into PSN not too long before maintenance started, you probably didn’t notice too much of a difference. 

Sony never explained the reasons behind the extended maintenance. It’s reasonable to believe that by divulging that kind of information, Sony could potentially put the security of the PlayStation Network at risk. Whatever the reason was, it had to be important since it took a two days to fix.

I hoped perhaps Sony had taken some steps to improve the speed of the PlayStation Store. Ever since the redesign, I’ve found that it’s not as responsive as it used to be. When I go to the store now, it still takes longer than it should to load. However, once in the store, things do seem to move a little quicker to me. I’m pretty convinced it’s not a placebo effect.

Now all we have to do is wait for the North American version of the web-based PlayStation Store to come online. It’s been available for European account holders for weeks, but attempting to log in with North American credentials just brings up an error page.


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