Use PayPal to fund your North American PSN wallet

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The PlayStation Network in North America recently received a new payment option in the form of PayPal. That means PayPal can be the primary way to add funds to your PSN Wallet instead of the debit or credit card you may already use. To enable this option, you have to log-in to your PSN account on the Sony Entertainment Network website. Once you select the option to add funds to your account, you’ll see the new PayPal selection alongside the credit card and prepaid card options.

So I guess the only question remaining is why you would want to use PayPal in this regard. This method is not advantageous for everyone, but people tend use PayPal for different reasons. For example, those who don’t have debit or credit cards may find this new payment method to be more convenient than buying a prepaid PSN card. Allow me to explain.

In December, PayPal started selling what it calls the My Cash Card at retail establishments. These prepaid cards carry values from $20-$500. Customers can buy these cards with cash, log on to the My Cash website and deposit the card’s funds into a PayPal account. They’ll be able to make online purchases anywhere that accepts PayPal payments including the PlayStation Network.

Perhaps this is another crucial step before Sony eventually opens the web-based North American PlayStation Store.

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