Prepare to salivate over new Destiny screens from Bungie

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Bungie has spent nearly a decade on the Halo franchise, but it is now looking to reveal more of their new IP, at the up coming Game Designers Conference. Currently codenamed Destiny, Bungie announced the game through several pieces of impressive leaked concept art, which revealed a sci-fi world only they could seemingly create. The two notable images featured soldiers and a tank in a snow covered field while the other features a small moon like planet hovering above the Earth.

Writer and design director, John Staten, along with art director Christopher Barrett will be giving an hour long lecture, called “Brave New Worlds: New Bungie IP”, on the direction their world building techniques will take with the new IP. The duo will presenting their abilities with more concept art and several design case studies for the game.

While very little else has been revealed about the game, its basic premise is known. It’s 700 years in the future and humanity is fighting for survival against alien invaders looking to wipe them out. It definitely sounds like a Bungie story. Also noted in the leaked information are the platforms it will be featured on. Xbox 360, PS3 and the next Xbox owners can all expect to play the game, with future installments of the franchise to appear on the next generation of consoles and Windows PC.

The lecture will offer fellow designers new ideas and ways of creating their game worlds, all I’m thinking about is how to control my drool as I feast my eyes on the new images for Destiny. The session will be a part of GDC 2013’s main conference and will be open for All Access and Main Conference Pass holders. At this time no date has been set for the lecture, but if you’re one of the many conference goers in San Francisco there March 25-29, I highly recommend going to see it, to sate your visual hunger for this game. I envy you immensely.

Source [Game Designers Conference] Via [Gamespot]

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