Mass Effect N7 armor comes to Dead Space 3

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EA is capitalizing on the iconic Mass Effect N7 armor by making it unlockable to those who purchase Dead Space 3. In order to get the armor, you need to have played Mass Effect 3 and kept your save file. You then have to play the full version of Dead Space 3. After that, you and your co-op partner will be able to equip the N7 armor in the picture above.

The armor isn’t a carbon copy of what Shepard courageously wore in Mass Effect. The armor has been giving some Dead Space-specific enhancements including the iconic Dead Space helmet and its accompanying lights.

Based on the limited information EA provided, it doesn’t appear as if the N7 armor affords you any bonuses that aren’t cosmetic. Considering how it appears you have to play through Dead Space 3 to unlock the armor, awarding a bonus of some sort would have been nice.

If you want to sample Dead Space 3 before its February 5 release date, the demo will be made available to everyone on January 22. The demo can be played cooperatively with a friend online. You’ll also get a taste of the weapons crafting system.

Below is a video showing off the N7 armor.

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