Divekick your PS3 or PS Vita

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If you want to Dive and Kick, you’ll have two other platforms on which to do it. One True Game Studios’ Divekick, which started out as a parody of fight games and turned serious business once everyone realized it was fun, isn’t going to just be a PC game. It will appear on the PS3 and Vita as well. All three platforms will be getting the simplest fighting game ever in Spring 2013.

Playing Divekick is beyond easy. You pick a character and then must strategically determine when to dive or kick. There are just two buttons. That’s it. As long as you can press those two buttons, you can play. The full version will also have multiple characters, a story mode and online multiplayer. Despite being so simple though, you do have to master your timing and know when your opponent will dive or kick, as a round ends after one person lands a single hit.

You may remember Divekick from its cancelled Kickstarter. The project had 815 backers and went past its funding goal, but Adam Heart, the developer, cancelled the project after making a deal with a publisher, Iron Galaxy Studios. Since a publisher stepped in, One True Game Studios decided it didn’t need to take other people’s money. Instead, all the people who did donate at the various pledge levels were allowed to add content to the game like a “Tip from Uncle Sensei” for the loading screens, a spot in the special thanks section, the ability to design a character color pallette, a chance to appear in the background of a level and the ability to create a character for the game. It was quite a nice gesture.

So yes, Divekick is a go and will be showing up on the PC, PS3 and the Vita. I get the feeling the Vita version may be the way to go, what with the touch screen and all. It’ll probably have some fun control scheme.

Site [One True Game Studios] Site [Divekick on Kickstarter]

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