Dust 514 enters open beta today

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Dust 514 has been hanging around the PlayStation Network for a while. It has been in closed beta with access only being granted to PlayStation Plus members and those who managed to secure a code through some other means. When the PlayStation Store updates later today, Dust 514 will shed its closed beta status and will open to everyone.

To recap, Dust 514 is a free-to-play MMOFPS that takes place in the Eve Online universe. PS3 players take on the role of cloned soldiers that work for the corporations in Eve Online. Since Eve Online and Dust 514 are connected, players from both games will be able to communicate with each other across platforms. Eve Online players can directly impact combat in Dust 514 by calling in orbital strikes. The things you do in Dust 514 could also have an effect on the Eve Online universe as well. The severity of your impact depends on the alliances you form and strategies you create.

When I played Dust 514 months ago, I was put off by the level of complexity the game offered. While it’s great to have a free game with a ton of customization options, I felt not enough was done to properly introduce players to the complex systems of this new world. I can only imagine a lot of work has gone into Dust 514 since then. If the game has been made more approachable, we could have a real gem on our hands.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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