GameStick gives developers a chance to earn 100% of their game’s revenue

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A little while ago, I wrote a piece explaining how getting developer support is a big challenge for standalone Android consoles with ecosystems outside Google Play. Developers who choose to support consoles such as the GameStick have to consider if the expenses used to support the GameStick can be recovered through game sales. Today, PlayJam made an announcement that may be enough to have developers tripping over themselves to develop for the console. A new developer tier has been added to the Kickstarter campaign that promises to give developers 100% of the revenue made from their games for six months after GameStick launches.

This incentive is a pretty big deal. It’s rare for developers to sell their game on a platform with no financial commitment to the app store proprietors. Developers usually make 70% of the revenue generated from their games while the operators of the app store (Google, Apple, Amazon etc) take a 30% cut.

In order to get in on this deal, developers only have to pledge $249 to the new tier. They’ll also get a GameStick bundle with their donation. A generous offer like this has the ability to drain money at a rapid pace, so PlayJam is limiting the tier to 250 backers.

It’ll be interesting to see how quickly this new developer tier fills up. We’ll be keeping an eye on the numbers to see just how effective 100% revenue share is to GameStick developers.

Source [Kickstarter]

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