EA doesn’t learn a thing with Dead Space 3’s microtransactions

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dead space 3
Paying for items in free-to-play games is a reasonable sort of deal. You’re playing for free, and sometimes, you don’t want to go through the long and arduous process of unlocking items to play with. That’s understandable because some games require some serious dedication in order to unlock the items you want. But what happens when you implement the same system in a game you already paid for? Well, we’ll see firsthand when Dead Space 3 is released.

For a little extra cash, players will have the option of unlocking certain weapons in Dead Space 3 sooner. This makes it seem that EA isn’t just satisfied with the $60 gamers are going to slap down to buy the game, they want to make sure they get players after the purchase too. Of course, it’s not like EA is holding vital, story-related game content behind a paywall this time, but it doesn’t seem like they learned their lesson from Mass Effect 3. The main lesson being that there’s a fine line between catering to a player base, and exploiting them.

The weapons that are available through microtransactions are also unlockable in Dead Space 3, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason for players to throw their money at EA just to progress through the game faster. It’s not like a free-to-play shooter where buying new weapons might actually give players an advantage over those who don’t spend money on the game. This is a single player (two player, if you want to play the optional co-op mode), play at your own pace sort of game. I’m sure there are some players who might want to get through the game faster than others, but there’s no real point in charging money for items that players are going to encounter and unlock in game anyway.

Source: [Forbes]

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