Nintendo will speed up Wii U software with a couple firmware updates

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If the first Wii U firmware update left you wanting more out of the console, Nintendo has given itself a couple more chances to make the overall Wii U experience more pleasurable. During today’s Wii U Direct video presentation, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata shared details of two upcoming Wii U updates. The first update will launch sometime this spring, and the second will occur in the summer. Both of these updates are designed to speed up the launch time of Wii U software, and enable faster speeds when returning to the Wii U menu. 

These two updates are regarded by Iwata as being quite significant. He said the Wii U’s speed issues have been one of the most requested improvements by the Wii U community. Nintendo is also responding to user requests by making the Virtual Console available on Wii U at some point after the spring system update.

Let’s hope these future updates are easier on players than the first major update. If you recall, the Wii U had a launch day patch that enabled the console’s online features. The patch was only 1GB, but many players experienced very long download and installation times. What made matters worse was the possibility of the Wii U bricking if the process was interrupted.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Gamasutra in December that the online infrastructure patch wouldn’t be included with new Wii U consoles until 2013. That means there’s a chance that when you buy a Wii U, you’ll have two big updates waiting on you.

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