Beats Slider is free, if you enjoy torturing yourself

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Ok, I admit it. That Beats Slider headline is mean. I’m sorry. It’s just I’m terrible, no – terribad, at slider puzzles, Beats Slider is the hardest slider puzzle I’ve ever played and I guess I’m holding a grudge. I couldn’t beat the very first challenge in the game and now I’m taking it out on the game rather than my own lack of slide-skill. Let’s start fresh. Beats Slider is the free PlayStation Mobile game for January 22-28, 2013.

See, Beats Slider is a slider puzzle that focuses on music rather than images or numbers. Normally in this kind of puzzle situation, you’d try to organize from 1-15 or make a picture. In Beats Slider, you’re trying to make a MIDI song. Each block has part of the music on it. You have to arrange the right colored blocks in the right order in theright row. When all of them are put together perfectly, you hear a sound clip.

FuturLab understands that slider puzzlers are frustrating and claims that Beats Slider makes it easier for people to understand what to do and how to solve the puzzles. Obviously, my brain didn’t get the memo as I spent five minutes trying to solve the first one last night before I just gave up and went to play more Ni no Kuni instead. I guess I don’t think the right way. Maybe you will though.

This game is free for people who own Vitas or PlayStation Mobile compatible devices until January 28, 2013. Try not to be scared by my Beats Slider experience and see if you have better luck. Maybe it will actually teach you how to solve those danged slider puzzles. If you don’t grab this seven day period ends though, you’ll have to pay a whole $0.79 for it, so act quickly.

Beats Slider is now the second of the six free PlayStation Mobile games Sony is giving away. The first was Samurai Beatdown. I liked that a bit better, and in fact already owned it before this promotion began. We now have four more free games to go. Please let Haunt the House: Terrortown be one of them!

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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