Let’s watch the new Bayonetta 2 trailer

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bayonetta 2 trailerOne of the absolutely lovely things to come from the last Wii U Nintendo Direct presentation was more information on Bayonetta 2. Given how much the original Bayonetta was, the revelation that the sequel will be a Wii U exclusive was quite a shock and there has been some adjustment to the idea that it was Nintendo that gave Platinum Games a chance to go back to see what the witch with the coolest hair ever is doing. Fortunately, the Bayonetta 2 trailer showcased was quite informative.

See, there wasn’t a full Bayonetta 2 presentation during the January 23, 2013 Wii U Nintendo Direct. There was just an almost two minute behind-the-scenes Bayonetta 2 trailer showing members of Platinum Games at work on it, talking about what they want to do and showing off a few enemies. Watch it for yourself.

As you can see, we still don’t know what Bayonetta herself will look like. The Bayonetta 2 trailer stylishly glossed over that. We did see her at the end though, so yay for knowing what her boots, tights and gun will look like? I suppose that is something and we should be appeased that we got that much. Oh, and we got to hear her voice as well. I think it sounded like the same voice actress.

In case you’re somewhere where you can’t watch the Bayonetta 2 trailer, here’s what we saw. The developers are really working hard to make things look fantastic and realistic and want to provide a lot of locations for gamers to explore that fit in perfectly with the mood of the game. The enemies look really awesome so far and devious and apparently battles will be epic. The goal seems to be a game that makes the most of the Wii U while also taking Bayonetta a step forward since she had such a solid introduction in Bayonetta. In short, it looks awesome.

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