WWE licensing rights reportedly sold to Take-Two Interactive

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The fate of the WWE franchise was something we were curious about following the auction of THQ’s various studios and assets. WWE 13 was one of THQ’s most successful games in 2012, so it has to be of some value to the right buyer. According to IGN, the right buyer is Take-Two Interactive.

Details are extremely scarce about the sale. Unlike information from today’s THQ auction, we don’t know how much money Take-Two will allegedly pay for the WWE license. IGN’s sources say the deal is not set in stone, so it’s understandable why no hard figures or even an official announcement has come out.

If we had to guess, it seems like 2K Sports is where the next WWE game could be published. Yuke’s has been the developer of WWE games since 2000, and has created a new WWE game every year since then. We put out an inquiry to Yuke’s to get a comment on its involvement on WWE games moving forward.

Source [IGN]

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