GameStick revenue sharing tier violates Kickstarter guidelines

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On Wednesday, PlayJam revealed a new GameStick reward tier called “Indie Love.” By pledging $249, developers would have been granted 100% of their game’s revenue for six months after release. PlayJam placed a 250 backer limit on the new tier, but only a few pledges were made before Kickstarter shut the tier down for violating its official guidelines.

Under section three of the Kickstarter guidelines, the company lists items and certain subject matters that can’t be a part of the service. One of the violations is “financial incentives (ownership, share of profits, repayment/loans, etc).” Since PlayJam’s developer tier included revenue sharing, it was in clear violation of Kickstarter’s terms.

This is the second time the GameStick Kickstarter has violated some kind of guideline. A couple weeks ago, the entire campaign was briefly shut down because its pitch video contained gaming footage it wasn’t authorized to show. PlayJam quickly resolved that matter.

The GameStick Kickstarter has one week left before it’s consider to be successfully funded. Over 4,300 backers have pledged $474,932 to the project. That’s much more than the $100,000 PlayJam was asking for. The first GameStick consoles are expected to be shipped to backers in April.

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