Ouya has a redesigned controller

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Even though the Ouya Kickstarter ended in August, it’s still making headlines to this date. The newest bit of news out of the Ouya camp is the new design the company has given to its console’s controller. These changes are the direct result of the opinions of developers who have been experimenting with their units.

One of the most obvious changes deals with the directional pad. The old Ouya controller had a circular design, whereas the new design features a d-pad in the shape of a cross. Ouya believes this will increase precision in games. What’s no so obvious is the change in material that makes up the analog sticks. When consumers get their hands on Ouya, the analog sticks will be easier to grip.

Some other under-the-hood enhancements include a more responsive touch pad, a better battery door and better positioning of the triggers.

Ouya is scheduled to start going out to backers in March. In a little over a month, we’ll finally see if all the hype was worth it. We may have to wait a little longer for the hackers to do something truly impressive with Ouya.

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