5 ways Irrational Games can make BioShock Infinite another landmark game

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The original Bioshock game unleashed one of the most beautifully written stories in gaming history. The rich backstory told through recording found throughout the underwater metropolis, detailed a city filled with political strife and their insane Ayn Rand, objectivist ideals. That, and one of the greatest plot twist in any storytelling medium. With Bioshock Infinite on the way Irrational Game’s has the chance to make, yet another landmark story come to life.

In a recent interview with Playstation Blog Irrational Game’s writer, Drew Holmes, explained how some of the teams methods were being used to create, yet another brilliant story for the series. From explaining Elizabeth’s part in the game to the two sharply divided sides that occupy Columbia, Holmes detailed how Irrational was making the story come to life. But, I have few things I would like to see if this entry wants to avoid becoming a Bioshock 2.

1. Political Criticism

This isn’t unfamiliar territory for the team and Levine made it apparent early on how both the Vox Populi and the ultranationalists would each represent a side in the divisive issue in 1912: nationalism. While each side is clear on which end of the political spectrum they are, I hope Levine, Holmes and team take their time offering subtle commentary on each sides politics. Even though they are freedom fighters, show the dangers of the Vox Populi’s methods. Make the ultranationlists a little sympathetic, despite their xenophobic views. Anything to put these ideals into perspective for the player.

2. Another big twist

If you played the original BioShock, then you will understand what I mean here. The twist not only surprised you and made you question your every action in game, but Irrational was even able to make you question those same actions on a meta level very few games had done before. I don’t expect BioShock Infinite to accomplish that meta level, but Irrational should definitely try to one up. Maybe, have Songbird secretly be operated by a human who orchestrated the whole conflict in Columbia. Or, have Elizabeth be a steam powered automaton. Hopefully, Irrational will come up with something better than I have, but you see my point.

3. Memorable citizens

Andrew Ryan was a crazy individual in his own right, but there were plenty more individuals in Rapture who could make him look sane. I’d liked to see another Sander Cohen, the demented musician and artist you helped in Fort Frolic, make an appearance. I want a character, who’s obsessed with rabbit ears and covering people in concrete alive, or at least that level of crazy. Nothing brings a dystopian city alive quite like several psychopathic, ideological individuals.

4. Moral Ambiguity

The original BioShock offered us a morality system surrounded around what you did with Rapture’s smallest denizens, the Little Sisters. In reality there wasn’t anything ambiguous about the choice. Either you harvested the little girl for more Adam or less if you save them. While the choice seems obvious to harvest, Dr. Tennenbaum would offer you a reward for keeping the girls alive every so often, so realistically you’re making out with equal amounts of Adam no matter your choice. Once again, the moral choice is obvious. Hopefully, with Elizabeth another morality system will be set-up, this time a little less binary. I want it actually to be tough to make these decisions and with her relationship to the mechanical beast, Songbird, I think the team should take advantage of this and deliver a more complex situation.

5. Make Vigors a bigger part of the story

Plasmids in BioShock did have a background in the overall story, but they weren’t deeply connected in anyway to the story. What if the Vigors (BioShock Infinite’s Plasmids) had larger back stories? Like, having the crow summoning vigor connected to an individual who lived with or took care of crows. You could find out subtly, or it could be blatant (twist maybe?). Or even have constant use effect Booker.

The Plasmids in the last game are technically what made the former citizens of Rapture turn into splicers. Maybe the shock Vigor could cause Booker to damage to himself if he uses it too much.  Making these Vigors a bigger part of the story will make them more essential to the player and how you use them. If Irrational can make this happen, it’ll bring players even deeper in to the world.

I don’t expect all of these ideas to come to fruition, but at least seeing some of the similar themes of political criticism and an amazing plot twist from the original would make me a happy BioShock fan. Irrational already seems to have itself pointing in the right direction thus far and hopefully they can meet the wishes I made here if not surpass them come March 26.

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