Sony will give you $20 for getting a friend to buy a Vita

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Welcome to the latest “Really Sony?” update! It’s Vita referral program is so exciting, I had to write it up at midnight for you. Okay, I was really up late watching Runaway Bride. (Don’t judge me.) Regardless, Sony is now holding a contest to try and convince people to nag their friends until they buy Vitas in return for some monetary rewards.

Here’s the skinny. You sign up with uRefer, registering for an account. You give your name, email, PSN name and provide a password. You then can start convincing your friends to buy Vitas. You will then get a $20 PSN card and 1,000 Sony Rewards points for the first 10 successful referrals. After the first 10, you’ll still want to keep trying to recruit. The person who recruits the most people by February 28, 2013 will get 1,000,000 Sony Rewards points. You can then take the points you earn and use them at the Sony Rewards website on stuff. Just make sure the people you refer also sign up to confirm they bought a Vita because you asked.

Unfortunately, I’m getting a pretty glaring error when I attempt to sign up for the Vita referral promotion. I’ve entered all my information, including my PSN ID. Except whenever I press the “Start Referring” button, I’m told my registration can’t be completed due to an error. According to Sony, my PSN ID, which I’ve had for at least five years, can’t be verified. That’s just awesome. My plan to send out referrals to all my GamerTell staff members/friends has been foiled.

This Vita referral program is really quite sad. Still, you can’t blame Sony for trying. Besides, if you can manage to convince a friend or two to purchase a Vita, then you’ll be able to get some free PSN games or perhaps even a reward or two.

Site [uRefer Vita] Site [Sony Rewards]

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  • Luis E Alvarado

    Here you go Jenni!
    That’s my referral link, do make sure that your serial is 11characters, some people where having issues with that. It’s on your PS Vita box.

    • Jenni Lada

      My problem isn’t with entering a referral. It’s for making an account. It wouldn’t accept my PSN to even get an account started so I can start referring people.