Temple Run 2 is way better than the original

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A couple days ago, Temple Run 2 was released for Android. It understandably had large shoes to fill considering how successful the first Temple Run was and continues to be. After playing this game for the last two days, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Imangi Studios has made a noteworthy sequel that surpasses the original in every way.

Let’s talk about graphics first. The original Temple Run looks quite dated by today’s standards. For the sequel, Imangi had to step things up visually. Temple Run 2‘s character models were made sharper and more polygonal. The environments and menus were also given a noticeable face lift. I wouldn’t go so far to say Temple Run 2 is one of the finest looking games for Android (because it isn’t), but you can tell Temple Run 2 is not just a half hearted attempt to cash in on its legacy.

At its core, Temple Run is still all about collecting coins, dying improving abilities and doing it all over again. Unlike a lot of free games, Temple Run 2 doesn’t get stingy with the coins. In two days of play, I managed to unlock every character while upgrading my abilities a few times. Gems, the premium currency is a lot harder to come by, but acquiring gems aren’t necessary to have a good run. Gems are only used to instantly revive your character after death, or power up special abilities that require coins to charge up.

Powerups are new in Temple Run 2. If you collect enough coins during a run, you can activate a special power double tapping on the screen. Powerups include a coin magnet, score booster, speed boost and a shield. You can acquire these powerups at random, but only one can be used at your command. Powerups can also be switched between characters.

Objectives have also made a return, but a leveling system has been introduced. As you level up, you’ll be given rewards like coins and gems. Leveling up isn’t all that important, but it gives you something to strive for.

Temple Run 2 is free and will suck up your time. If you need a game to play this weekend, make it this one.

Google Play Link [Temple Run 2] iTunes Link [Temple Run 2]

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