Wibata tech start-up creates Portal 2 mod to test potential applicants

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While writing cover letters and sending in a resume is the first step towards getting your foot in the door for a potential job, the people over at WibiData, a tech start-up, would like you to go a step further with a unique test for applicants, and it’s only slightly painful. WibiData, has commissioned Doug Hoogland, a Portal 2 modder known for his wedding proposal mod, to create 5 portal levels based on the Wibidata offices in San Francisco. The idea is for the mod to test potential applicants on their puzzle-solving abilities.

The backstory behind the mod is that the CEO lost the PIN number to the jobs website on WibiData, and the only way to get it back is to confront the AI in the (not real) secret testing chamber underneath the offices. You play the new hire tasked with the job of solving the AI’s puzzles in the deadliest form of password recovery since the task of clicking the ″Forgot your password?″ link.

According to the site, they’re looking for a software engineer, a field engineer, a software engineering intern, and a systems administrator, for those of you who aren’t quite as tech minded, but would love the opportunity to play Portal 2 for a chance at a job, there’s also an administrative assistant and media and marketing position available as well.

Of course, you don’t need to be a job applicant in order to play the mod, however, if you play the mod with a friend in their co-op puzzles, and your friend just happens to get hired by WibiData, you get a $1000 for the referral.

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