iPad gaming update for Janurary 28, 2013

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One of the more compelling things about iOS games is the fact that anyone can make them. It’s an easy avenue for indie developers to come out swinging, and in the case of Undead Slayer’s solo developer Dong-kyu Kim, that is exactly what he did at a price point of FREE. You can download it below among other impressive games in this week’s iPad gaming update.

Undead Slayer is an impressive hack and slash game made by one guy and is up for grabs at the price of $0.00. An evil force has invaded china and it’s up to you to fight your way through 90 levels to save the land from total destruction.


Ever want to be a Ghostbuster? Then strap on the proton pack and download the free Ghostbusters game and live out that dream… virtually. The app is free to play with additional in-game purchases should you want them. The idea is like any other sim game, build up your ghost busting franchise and team and help the city of New York rid of ghost problems.

NFL Quarterback 13 puts you in the shoes of your favorite team as the quarterback. Plan receiver routes and get them the ball. Compete with the defense and the weather as you win games, build up your stadium, and tackle the pressure of an NFL QB in this $1.99 game.


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