Joe Biden encourages gamers to embrace violent video game research

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Politicans have a track record of blowing things out of proportion without getting all the facts, and this is especially true on the subject of violent video games. Joe Biden, however, wants to get all the facts before jumping to conclusions. During a Google Hangout, Joe Biden commented on researching the effects on violent media on children. He says that there hasn’t been significant research or any hard data on the subject, and he would like organizations like the CDC and the National Institute of Health to delve into this further.

And why not? Research can either help or hurt the defense of video games, depending on the outcome. At the very least it’s best to get all the facts before making wild accusations. Recently, we’ve seen politicians such as Ralph Nader and powerful organizations like the NRA (who surprisingly enough created their own game recently) come out against video games. It has just been a contest on who can make the video game industry look the worst, rather than an intelligent debate.

Research is nothing to fear if we have nothing to hide, and according to Biden, research shows that there is no link the between video game violence and violent tendencies in children. Hard evidence will solidify these facts and focused research on the supposed correlation on video game violence and children’s violence will hopefully inform politicians enough to make an informed decision.

Of course, there are many variables that opposing politicians can nitpick and yell about. Not only that, but political funding may affect how the research report is worded, but any research is good research at this point of the debate.

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