Path of Exile servers brought down by too many players [Update]

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Path of Exile entered open beta last Wednesday after spending a decent amount of time in closed beta. Word about this action role playing game has spread gradually over the past few months due to its sound mechanics, light PC requirements and free-to-play monetization scheme. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to play the game right now thanks to overwhelming demand.

The Path of Exile server crashes have persisted throughout Sunday afternoon. Grinding Gear Games has been fixing the issues while only allowing a limited number of players login to the servers at once. That method worked to an extent, but the servers were still having trouble staying online. As of the time of this writing (5:06pm EST), the servers have been taken offline to add server capacity and to squash a rare bug.

Grinding Gear Games posted the following message on its website regarding the downtime.

We’re getting absolutely crushed under the number of players trying out Path of Exile, and this has manifested as a server crash that has been occurring hourly today. In addition, there is a very rare bug that caused some players to log in to accounts from other players. The scope of this bug is very limited (and in almost all cases, the players logged out without disturbing anything). Fixes for both are being worked on at the moment. Because the game experience is compromised and people are disconnected due to the crashes, we have turned the game servers off until they can be brought up in a more stable state. I will update this post as we go – it shouldn’t be too long! Thanks again for your patience, and sorry about these launch issues. It’s amazing to see such high demand for the game.

When the servers are restored, I highly recommend trying this game. The free-to-play elements are barely noticeable, it looks good and you’re not restricted to playing as a specific type of class.

Update: The game is back online. There may be a queue, but hang in there and you’ll get in.

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