New TERA players have until February 5 to buy their Founder status

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If you’re looking to get a jump on full access to TERA, the award-winning MMO that is set to make the freemium jump like so many before it, then you’d better act fast while there’s still time. It has just been announced that the free-to-play launch is now scheduled for early morning February 5, 2013.

As you may recall from our earlier coverage, TERA players who buy digital or retail packages for the game will have official Founder status when the game hits the free-to-play market. Those packages, as you may expect, are now officially limited in number and En Masse is no longer going to be sending them out. It also doesn’t have any new packages in the works either. Of course, you can also expect that digital packages are also going to be lost in the change-over shuffling.

Benefits include free access to the full eight character slots, four available bank storage tabs at no additional cost and then some. You will, of course, be able to buy into service upgrades after the transition via a new elite services tier. However, you’ll only be able to use 25% of your available bank inventory. Furthermore, you’ll miss out on a very special Founder’s title and an exclusive Terminus mount.

As for the launch schedule, it goes something like this:

  1. Last call for digital sales – and thus founders status attainment – is likely due sometime in the late afternoon (or early evening) of February 3.
  2. At midnight February 4 on Pacific time scheduling (the official line is 12:01AM PST), the pay-and-play status officially ends, and the game is shut down for the transition. Digital sales are likely to end at or before the scheduled downtime.
  3. At 7:00AM Pacific in the morning of February 5 (estimated conclusion time) is the free-to-play launch, with the game system opening back up for players both new and old (with founders status likely assigned to eligible players at this time, if not during the transitioning downtime).

If you’re just fine with things as they are, you can still use the unlimited free trial until then, which should allow you to get a reasonable head start in advance of Wednesday morning’s big switch. But I obviously must advise that you’re going to miss out on what promises to be some rather cool benefits if you don’t act now. In the meantime, feel free to check out the official relaunch trailer for a quick preview of what’s to come:

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