teamPixel needs your money to buy the Homeworld license from THQ

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THQ auctioned off many of its studios and assets last week in bankruptcy court. Although many properties found new homes, there are still some intellectual properties that haven’t been sold yet. THQ will hold another auction for its remaining catalog in the near future, and teamPixel wants to make sure it has enough cash to buy the Homeworld franchise when the auction starts. To facilitate this, teamPixel has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a minimum goal of $50,000.

TeamPixel will use the $50,000 to purchase the Homeworld franchise at auction. If it gets outbid, the studio will attempt to come to an agreement to purchase Homeworld from the winning bidder. Assuming everything goes as planned, teamPixel will bring the original Homeworld to mobile devices with a new touch interface. The studio will also distribute the Homeworld franchise on Steam and GoG which will be a first for the series.

Stretch goals include bringing Homeworld: Cataclysm and Homeworld 2 to touch devices and beginning production on Homeworld 3.

Naturally, non of this will happen if teamPixel can’t acquire the franchise. If it can’t, everyone’s money will be refunded back to them in full.

Based on comments from teamPixel’s pitch video, many of the Homeworld faithful aren’t taking to kindly to making Homeworld available on mobile devices. Then again, no other developer has been so publicly enthusiastic about reviving Homeworld. It may take a indie studio to bring Homeworld into the modern era.

Source [Indiegogo]

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