Candy Crush Saga dethrones Mobage titles for Google Play supremacy

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Candy Crush Saga from is now the highest grossing game for Android. This game has managed to take the throne from Blood Brothers and Rage of Bahamut which have been at the top of the Google Play charts for several months. The popularity of Candy Crush Saga on Android seems to have come out of nowhere. Its impressive growth isn’t just restricted to Google Play. A combination of players on iOS and Facebook also helped push Candy Crush Saga to #1.

According to AppData, Candy Crush Saga had nearly 10 million daily active users on Facebook from January 14-16. The game experienced a significant dip in users after January 16, and is currently holding steady at 1 million daily users and an estimated 10 million monthly active users. in general is listed as the third most popular developer on Facebook behind Zynga and Microsoft.

Over in the Apple App Store, Candy Crush Saga is the second top grossing app in between Clash of Clans and Pandora Radio.

Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 game, but employs in-game purchases. Reviews from Google Play and iTunes are filled with comments stating the game becomes too difficult to progress without spending real money. It also pushes players to connect their accounts to Facebook. While some players will recognize these red flags and move on, it’s clear a large number of players take the bait. Love it or hate it, these free-to-play practices have proven to be successful time and time again.

Google Play Link [Candy Crush Saga]

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  • darla

    I really used to love this game but,recently it will not allow me to beat the level s for a very very long time nor move up in levels o more . the game shakes them up even when there are moves to be made the game ends with bombs still have seconds on the it has became a total rip off I am very dissatisfied with candy crush and I am thinking about deleting if things do not get better on here .

  • Ann

    I made the mistake of allowing my 5yr old to play before I myself inspected the game. I was unaware that it would allow in-game purchases even though on Google Play my password is required. All Candy Crush required was user interaction and confirmation (tapping on the “Buy button”, confirming the purchase in the Play Store window through the “Accept&Buy” button). I now inspect and play the games myself before allowing her too. Lessoned Learnt