Buy one year of PlayStation Plus and you’ll get 15 months

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playstation plusPlayStation Plus is a fantastic deal. Other subscribers and I know it and I’m sure anyone who was fortunate enough to get the free trial of it back when the PlayStation Network went down for so long in the great outage of 2012 knows it. You get tons of free games with the Instant Game Collection, for one, and there are usually fantastic discounts on games each week. Sony wants even more people to realize how good the service is, so for now you get 15 months for $49.99 instead of 12.

It’s all part of a new PlayStation Plus yearly membership promotion. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Sony tends to do this at least once a year. For a limited time, people who commit to a year get a year and three months. In this case, it’s going on until March 4, 2013. Anyone who buys a year of PlayStation Plus, be it through the PlayStation Store or via one of those cards you see in the store, gets 15 months of the service instead. Even if you’re already a member, Sony will record your buying an additional year during this promotion and credit an additional 15 months to your account.

If you’re curious as to what you can expect from PlayStation Plus, keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog today. Sony should update it soon with the bonuses for at least the January 29, 2013 PlayStation Store update. I guess you could check the European PlayStation Blog’s PlayStation Plus update, but I advise against that as it’s usually better than the North American offerings.

Oh. Great. I just checked it and know what? Europeans get Sleeping Dogs and Lumines: Electronic Symphony added to their free, Instant Game Collection for February 2013. Now I’m jealous. I’m going to be very disappointed if I don’t at least get some free Lumines for my Vita this month!

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