Crytek opens USA studio with former Vigil Games staff

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Some members of the recently closed studio Vigil Games have found a new home in Austin, Texas with Crytek. Crytek, who recently purchased the Homefront intellectual property from THQ at auction, has opened a base of operations in the U.S. called Crytek USA Corp. The studio is headed by Vigil’s co-founder David Adams, and currently employs 35 developers. At this time, it is unclear how many of the staff are from Vigil Games as well.

Crytek’s new studio may be populated by ex-Vigil staff, but the studio’s cherished franchise Darksiders still doesn’t have a home. Vigil Games was surprisingly not bid on at the auction. As a result, it reverted back into THQ’s bankruptcy proceedings. The franchise may be sold off at a future auction along with THQ’s other assets. Crytek spent $544,218 for the Homefront license, so it may be able to scoop up Darksiders for well under $1 million if there continues to be no takers.

This is a sweet deal for Vigil’s former employees. Vigil was also located in Austin, so there’s no need to relocate.

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