Black Heroes of Gaming: Augustus “Cole Train” Cole

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cole trainFebruary is Black History Month, and to celebrate GamerTell is looking back at gaming’s most memorable Black characters. These heroes are a part of our pop culture fabric, and there is growing ethnic diversity among them. First up is Gears of War’s star player, Augustus Cole, better known to his friends and fans as the “Cole Train.”

Augustus Cole was a superstar Thrashball player for the Hanover Cougars on Sera, the planet home to the Gears of War games. When the Locust Horde attacked, Cole took his talents into the Coalition of Ordered Governments forces. His leadership, charisma and physical attributes proved invaluable. After he joined, enrollment in the war effort jumped nearly 400 percent. He also has one of the best entrances in video game history.

How does the team with that guy on its side do anything but win?  He treats the war effort as just another game, and refers to himself as Delta Squad’s star player. Cole becomes even more of a hero to the people while in the military. He turns down numerous promotions, saying rank won’t help him kill more Locust. In reality, he’d rather be on the battlefield than in an office, not sure he’s making a difference. His presence reminds folks of a simpler time, when who won the Thrashball game was an important concern.

In Gears of War 3, the “Cole Train” returns to his old stomping grounds in Hanover.  His touching flashback is interrupted by a Locust attack, just as every emotional moment in these games is. Old number 83 has to save the day by blowing up a Locust stalk with a bomb, allowing him to score “one last touchdown for the Cougars.”

Gears of War 3 is reportedly the last time we’ll see the Delta Squad of Cole, Damon Baird, Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago in action. Epic isn’t about to let the “Cole Train” get away that easy though. Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel and will show how Cole met Baird, his longtime friend in the COG army. They keep everybody going with their jokes and antics, even as the end of their world looms. Epic warns us that the young athlete’s transition from scoring machine to killing machine wasn’t as effortless as we think. His further story development confirms Augustus Cole’s status as a breakout character in one of the Xbox 360’s most popular series.

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