This is the final GameStick design

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PlayJam has unveiled the final design for the GameStick. This design was created after the team took suggestions and emails into consideration. One of the biggest changes is the decision to move the actual GameStick from the bottom of the controller to the back. This was done so the GameStick could handle heat better, and so players would have a way to power the GameStick without removing it from its housing. PlayJam also added a 32GB microSD slot to the controller. When paired with the GameStick Dock, the expandable storage expands to 104GB.

For developers, the face buttons on the GameStick changed from PLAY to XBYA. In other words, the face buttons are just like the Xbox 360 controller. This should make button placement very familiar for a lot of games. The analog sticks also have a rubberized texture for gripping purposes.

There is less than three days remaining in the GameStick Kickstarter campaign. More than $518,000 have been pledged to the project. All of GameStick’s stretch goals have been reached with the exception of a $560,000 tier that will give players the option of choosing from one of four GameStick colors such as black, white and red.

If you ordered on, expected to receive it sometime in April.

Source [Kickstarter]

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