Kill Screen Create Game Jam results in over 150 Ouya games

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So you backed the Ouya on Kickstarter or pre-ordered a $99 unit, but now you’re worried and wondering if you made the right decision. Stop fretting and look to the Kill Screen Create Game Jam. It will convince you all is well. This special game jam was designed around the Ouya. All developers involved had 10 days to create Ouya games to win between $20,000 and $5,000 dollars, with $45,000 total available to win. Well, the entry period between January 14-23, 2013 has resulted in over 150 potential Ouya games.

Now that the pool is open, internet denizens can visit the Create Game Jam entry listings. They can see brief descriptions of potential games, as well as watch videos demonstrating how they would play. As time passes, the list will grow shorter as the finalists are picked by the judges Felicia Day, Adam Saltsman, Phil Fish, Alexis Madrigal, Austin Wintory, Ed Fries, Joanne McNeil and Zach Gage. The judges will also be looking to see how many likes the entries receive on the YouTube demo videos and Facebook to see what people think.

Create Game Jam finalists will be announced February 11, 2013. The people who remain could get the $20,000 grand prize, or one of the $5,000 Most Surprising, Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks, Most Immersive, Pop Your Eyes Out or Best Couch with Friends awards. The grand prize winner will get an extra $5,000 if the developer launches it on Ouya, while the other five award winners will get an extra $1,000 for launching the game.

I’ve been looking through the list and I think Space Operetta by has potential. It’s a FPS metroidvania with a story mode and cooperative multiplayer mode. There aren’t any enemies in the demo video, but the music is fantastic. I also think the shooter Strange Happenings on Murder Island by FreeLives looks interesting, mainly because the name is awesome and Big Sky Infinity got me interested in dual stick shooters. Stop Those Kittens! by YAYitsAndrew seems like a solid match-3 game too and I would also recommend keeping an eye on Sonata Kingdom by MzRie Loves, as it could develop into something awesome.

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