Become the best landlord ever in Kairosoft’s Dream House Days

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Kairosoft games are pretty much a guaranteed time sink. You think you’re just going to start playing for about 10 minutes, but find yourself wondering where the day went by the time you’re done. I get the feeling that trend will continue with Kairosoft’s latest game called Dream House Days. Unlike most Kairosoft titles, Dream House Days is free from Google Play. You’ve been warned.

Dream House Days is all about decorating apartments for your tenants. You construct walls, and arrange furniture to fit your resident’s personalities. The nicer apartment you give them, the more rent they’ll pay you. You’ll use that money to create even more units to attract more tenants. Certain tenants also have special dreams that you can help them achieve by asking you for advice in certain situations. Kairosoft is also beta testing the ability to play with friends.

If there’s one thing I wish this game did better it’s providing an interactive tutorial. Figuring out how to do things is not as clear as I would like. Trial and error is necessary  but once that learning curve is overcome, you will have one of the most glorious apartment buildings the world has ever known.

Google Play Link [Dream House Days]

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