Team Fortress 2 action figures are released

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When you’re done spending your money on all forms of virtual headwear, you might want something actually real to show your devotion to the Team Fortress 2 franchise. Valve and NECA have teamed up once more to release two more action figures of those nine lovable, mercenary psychopaths. The Pyro and Demoman are the first two classes up for toyification, complete with props and 25 articulate joints, so you can reenact your greatest frags/ fan fiction / deviant fantasies with actual action figures.

Each action figure is $21.99 and comes out with their own little vanilla loadout and a red team color scheme. The Demoman comes with his grenade launcher, sticky bomb launcher, and bottle of whiskey. The Pyro comes with his (her?) own flamethrower, shotgun and fire axe. They both stand at 7” tall, which is a reasonable size for an action figure, and perfect for throwing them around and simulating explosions with them from their inevitable showdown with one another on the kitchen table.

Along with their fake weapons, each action figure also comes with a DLC code that you can use in game to unlock a special item. The description of the action figures didn’t specify what kind of item exactly, but seeing that the quantities are limited to ten thousand action figures, the item ought to have some kind of value in the growing TF2 economy. Of course, it might just be download codes to already existing items, like they did with their Archimedes Pigeon plush, but that made sense, buying the pigeon plush for yourself gave your medic a pigeon in game too.

Personally, I would love to have a little action figure for my Pyro and Demoman in game. I don’t know where exactly you would put a mini action figure on the characters’ model, but I suspect that they’ll figure out a way to show that you bought their action figure.

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