Pre-order Soul Sacrifice for exclusive DLC and Japanese voice acting

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soul sacrifice
I am really excited. One of the Vita games I can’t wait to play suddenly is closer to actually being mine! Soul Sacrifice not only has a solid release date, but also has a bevy of pre-order bonuses available to anyone willing to call dibs on it immediately. On April 30, 2013, Soul Sacrifice will arrive and allow us to spare or sacrifice items, people, limbs, etc for power.

Yes, it’s really that cool. Depending on what you do and how you play, you can see different results and eventually endings.

Anyways, it’s the Soul Sacrifice pre-order bonuses that seem to have the most potential. The first is the awesome Japanese voice acting. If you pre-order, you can download that track immediately for free. If you don’t, then you have to wait and eventually pay for it. Dual audio options are always lovely.

The other pre-order DLC is something only people who pre-order Soul Sacrifice will get. If you don’t opt in early, you will never et this content. The pack provides three items and two costumes. That essentially means one costume for male avatars and one for female avatars, and three items that can be sacrificed in-game for useful magic spells. Sony hasn’t said if the Spirits’ Blightstone, Spirits’ Flamepike or Spirits’ Fulgurwood are single use or repeated use items, but it does seem nice to have a guaranteed poison, fire and thunder spell.

So there you go Vita owners! Our handheld’s next potential system seller, Soul Sacrifice, will be out in about three months!

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