Android Amusement: Subway Surfers

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subway surfersHey everyone looking for some Android Amusements to make their week. With Temple Run 2 causing an endless runner love-fest to begin again, I figured today may be a good day to cover Kiloo Games’ Subway Surfers in this installment. I suppose the technical name is Subway Surfers: World Tour New York, but every place is listing it as the more concise Subway Surfers, so I’m going with that.

Subway Surfers is a game about delinquents who are surfing on subway tracks in New York. Your goal isn’t to stop them though, it’s to aid them. You must help Jake, Fresh and Tricky surf along the tracks, by tapping or swiping at the right times to make them avoid obstacles and navigate their surroundings. You have to be quick, because if you hit obstacles, the Inspector and his dog will catch you and force you off of the tracks.

What’s neat about Subway Surfers is that it’s a bit like Jetpack Joyride, albeit with a different perspective. As you play, you’re trying to collect coins and avoid obstacles. However, you also have permanent power-ups that can be equipped and upgraded that make the whole adventure easier, allowing your character to go further and collect more coins. You also have various “missions” that come up where you’ll be tasked with doing something like collecting X number of coins in a level or performing a certain action. It helps provide a bit more purpose to play, since you have goals and extras to improve.

Just be advised that there are in-app purchases in Subway Surfers. You can earn coins via playing, which can be used on upgrading power-ups to make your “surfer” more skilled, able to survive longer and make him or her more adept at collecting coins. Or, you could buy extra coins or a permanent coin doubler power up ($4.99). I’ve found it really easy to earn coins in the game, so buying them isn’t at all necessary, but parents or people who like to unlock everything immediately can spend between $0.99 and $99.99 on in-game coins. Yes, there’s a $99.99 option, so parents may want to put a parental lock to stop purchased.

Now, as for downsides, there are two. I’ve encountered both, so allow me to enlighten you. First of all, there’s a good chance you’ll experience some lag. I did, which could be due to only having Android 3.0 on my Vizio VTAB. You’ll want an above average to exceptional tablet to run Subway Surfers properly. Also, there’s a save issue. I had this happen once, but from what I’ve seen in the Google Play and Amazon reviews, it isn’t uncommon. Your game may just “forget” your data. This would include in-app purchases, as well as earned coins/trophies/upgrades. It seems to happen most commonly after an app update, but it happened to me for seemingly no reason and it appears I’m not the only one.

So, Subway Surfers is quite cool and pretty. I’d recommend it as a time-sink, but I also wouldn’t recommend getting too attached. While the loss of data doesn’t seem super common, it does seem that quite a few people have seen their saves erased for little or no reason and lost progress, scores and purchases as a result. Oh, and if you’re a parent or guardian to a little kid who starts playing, you may want to reinforce the whole, ” We don’t play on train tracks” thing.

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