New Bioshock Infinite trailer is… different

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Bioshock Infinite has been treating us to some amazing eye candy in their last few trailers, and as we head into February 2013, one month closer to Bioshock Infinite‘s inevitable release, we are treated to a brand new trailer, the thing is, this one’s just a bit… different.

The BioShock Infinite trailer takes the form of a video recorded 80s style documentary titled, “Columbia: A modern day Icarus?” A conspiratorial, almost History channel like narrator speaks briefly on the legend of Columbia as the documentary shows snippets of Columbia and some real life “artifacts” found within the wreckage of one of their buildings found in the alps.

Watch the new BioShock Infinite trailer for yourself.

There’s no awesome background music, there’s no scenes made from “Actual gameplay footage”, and it’s not the first five minutes of the game. It’s something a lot more subtle. Something akin to Lost’s Dharma Initiative videos.

Something I would like to point out is how the age of the video seems to be hinted at around the 70s-Early 80s. I say early 80s because It’s not the first time we’ve seen hints of the 80s before. Anyone remember that one trailer when Elisabeth opened up that rip in reality? There was a glimpse of a movie marquee It was showing Return of the Jedi, released in 1985.

It might be a long shot, but maybe there would be an 80s-based BioShock in the future? Perhaps a dystopian retro future a la Fallout? I’m not holding my breath, but if BioShock is going to jump around the years, why not gear up for something a little more recent? I could imagine a BioShock where the main character from the 80s discovers the ruins of a underground advanced civilization built in the 60s by some charismatic idealist (read: Hippie) that eventually leads the civilization to ruin, or something of the sort. Whatever the case may be, the new trailer has certainly raised some questions. Let the wild conspiracy theories commence!

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