Xbox Live experiencing a temporary outage January 29, 2013 (update)

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xbox liveTrying to get on Xbox Live right now? Sorry, but that isn’t going to happen. The service is down and as of right now, we have no idea why. All we do know is that Xbox Live went at around 8:30pm CST on January 29, 2013, Microsoft is aware of it and we have to sit tight.

This Xbox Live outage isn’t just making life harder for Xbox 360 owners. People trying to run a Games for Windows may have issues, and the Windows Phone, Zune client and Windows 8 may run into issues. The only thing you can do is wait and, if possible, play some games offline.

There are some things you can do if you want to feel proactive and like you aren’t just sitting there. Microsoft suggests checking back in a half hour or so. The Xbox Live Service Status website has also been updated and should offer up-to-date reports on the situation.

Of course, the downside is a lot of people might not be able to be so calm about it. See, the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC Map Pack was released today on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a multiplayer only pack. Plus it includes a Turned zombie mode for when you’re playing a zombie map.

PS3 owners may take a little misplaced joy in this news. Recently, there was an extended PlayStation Network outage about a week and a half ago. I recall quite a few Xbox 360 owners getting giggles at the situation. Perhaps this is karma? I’m just kidding. Outages happen. Don’t worry and just sit tight. If you’re patient, Microsoft will fix everything up. I’m sure this Xbox Live outage shouldn’t last beyond tonight. At worst, you’ll have to wait a whole day before you start enjoying some online multiplayer.

Update: A little over an hour later, Xbox Live is back online. Get back to your multiplayer people!

Site [Xbox Live Service Status]

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