What do you think of Don’t Starve’s new research system?

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The Progress update came to Don’t Starve on Tuesday and it brings some of the biggest changes the game has had so far. Along with introducing world progression and new creatures, Klei also implemented the new research system that it’s been teasing since last year. This new way to craft items has significantly changed how Don’t Starve is played. In some ways, players may find that it has made some aspects of the game too easy.

Before the Progress update, any somewhat advanced item could not be crafted until the player earned enough Research Points. Research Points could only be obtained by building a Science Machine or Alchemy Machine and feeding items into it. The more advanced the item, the more Research Points you would get. This method essentially made your character smart enough to craft new items. It also imposed a grind on players because some items required a large number of Research Points. In the new update, Research Points have been completely removed. Everything in the game can be crafted immediately as long as you have the correct resources and are standing close to a Science Machine or Alchemy Machine. Once the item is crafted once, it can be crafted anywhere and doesn’t require as many materials to build.

So, what does this change mean? On one hand it eliminates the need to grind for Research Points. On the other hand, it takes away the pride of earning a special item. There’s also a big catch to this easier research system. Upon death, you lose all knowledge of the items you unlocked. It seems like a harsh coincidence, but I would argue doing things this way will make players take Don’t Starve more seriously. One of the chief complaints about earlier versions of the game was that it was too simple. Klei has made the game more difficult by introducing a spoilage system for food, releasing Krampus on naughty players and making spiders more imposing.

I think the old research system is held in such high regard because it made it appear as if Don’t Starve had more depth than it really did. So much time was spent grinding for Research Points, it distracted from the limited mechanics and lack of progression that ultimately held Don’t Starve back. Now that there is so much more to experience in this game, grinding for Research Points is not necessary to pad things out.

That’s just my opinion though. I want to know what you think about the new research system. Do you prefer the old method, or are you welcoming the new method with open arms?

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