GungHo and Grasshopper Manufacture are now BFFs

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gungho and grasshopper manufacture
Surprising news straight out of Japan. On January 30, 2013 in Japan, GungHo and Grasshopper Manufacture declared their love for one another. I’m kidding, but only kind-of. What really happened is GungHo Online Entertainment acquired Grasshopper Manufacture, making Suda51’s studio part of its conglomeration. They’re best friends forever now, with a bond that should hopefully last for a long time.

Officially, the GungHo and Grasshopper Manufacture deal goes through on February 1, 2013. That way the developer and publisher can start off fresh with a new month. The goal is for the two to work together to create some really awesome games and release them everywhere. Grasshopper Manufacture is currently working on Killer is Dead, which means that GungHo will now likely be involved. Though XSEED’s registered the website for said game in North America, it could be GungHo is working with them on to bring it to those of us outside of Japan.

The union of GungHo and Grasshopper Manufacture means that the developer now is part of a larger family that includes Acquire, Game Arts and Gravity. It also means bright things for the future of GungHo. Without us even releasing it, the publisher has brought together a cluster of respected and creative studios. I’m guessing this means many more great games for us.

Plus, it’s nice to hear some good news about a developer. Especially after Disney just shut down Junction Studios and all the unpleasantness with THQ and its studios. I’m one of those supersticious people that believe bad things come in threes, so I’m constantly checking the news daily to see if yet another developer has been shut down.

Source [ (Japanese)] Via [GungHo Online Entertainment (Japanese)]

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